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JUGS Malta Director Gianni Zammit on Thursday shared that the impact of failure on an individual’s mindset is largely dependent on the perspective that they take on.

Business leaders tend to go through challenging times on a regular basis, given the prominent roles that they find themselves in. However, the way such moments are approached and tackled are what end up defining them, as many that succeed often do so through perseverance and hard work.

He remarked that those people who are “afraid of failure” and lack the resilience to bounce back from a particular setback, are “likely to be defeated by it”.

On the other hand, those who are “determined to learn from their mistakes and use failure as a motivator, are more likely to succeed”.

“Winners understand that failure is an inevitable part of the learning process and that each setback is an opportunity to grow and improve,” Mr Zammit added.

“By embracing failure, you are able to take calculated risks and push yourself beyond your limits, leading to greater success in the long run,” he concluded.

Over the course of his career, Mr Zammit has taken a number of plunges in a variety of industries, ranging from teambuilding and events planning at JUGS Malta, market and media research at Business Leaders Malta, all the way to childcare at YoYo Kids and entertainment at Vibe FM, all companies which he is a Director and Shareholder of.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Instructional Technology from University of Malta, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Valdosta State University.

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