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Dear Luca,

I have recently been promoted to Director within the firm I work for. My salary has more than doubled in the past four years, now almost touching the six-figure mark. I am in my early forties, have been saving and investing regularly for the past decade. I don’t have anything more I wish for financially in the present… my wife and I go on regular vacations every year, and we buy whatever we need.

I’m not saying that we are uncalculating spenders, but we were never ones to just save and not think of the present. So from the outside, this might all look just so perfect… yet, I have a big struggle. Apart from the idea of saving for retiring comfortably, I fail to see any other financial goal in all my endeavours.

This might be a difficult dilemma for you to answer. But is there anything more I can do to make all this seem more worthwhile, rather than just focus on a comfortable retirement?


Unsure and Curious


Luca Responds

Dear Unsure and Curious,

Having a comfortable retirement as a primary financial goal is commendable, but as you mentioned, it can sometimes feel demotivating without other aspirations. So, I ask you, have you ever thought of sitting down with your wife and drawing a vision board together?

What do you enjoy doing? You mentioned vacations in your email. How many vacations would you like to take in the future? Which new places do you intend to visit? Have you calculated whether your savings and investments will be enough to cover your lifestyle?

Finding the “why” can be a struggle for many people; some never actually identify it until it’s too late. In your case, recognising the need for a “why” at this stage is a great advantage. You have time to think, plan, and ponder. Each goal you specify will help make your financial journey more meaningful and relatable.

Here are a few additional ideas to enhance your financial and personal fulfillment:

  1. Set New Personal Goals: Beyond financial security, think about what personal aspirations you and your family might have. Perhaps you want to pursue further education, take up a new hobby, or embark on more adventurous or culturally enriching travel experiences.
  2. Philanthropy and Giving Back: Many people find fulfillment in using their financial success to help others. Consider setting up a charitable fund, donating to causes that matter to you, or even volunteering your time and skills to organisations that need them.
  3. Invest in Experiences: Sometimes, the best investments aren’t financial. Consider spending more on experiences that create lasting memories and enrich your life. This could be anything from learning a new skill, engaging in adventure sports, or spending more quality time with family and friends.
  4. Personal Development: Use your financial stability to invest in yourself. This could mean taking courses, attending workshops, or even hiring a coach to help you achieve personal growth and development.

By exploring these avenues, you can find greater purpose and satisfaction in your financial journey. Each goal and aspiration you identify will make your efforts more rewarding and worthwhile.

Warm regards,


The Money Coach, from the Money Coaching Hub

CEO & Founder of Monipal


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