It is difficult to avoid seeing Burmarrad Group’s logo when driving around Malta – there seems to be no end of trucks, vans and other vehicles leased from the group on the country’s roads, an indication of its leading role in the country’s transportation sector.

Many might have been surprised when the company announced that it would be leaving the small rural hamlet it takes its name from to establish a new headquarters in Marsa, but for Burmarrad Group, the move is the latest in the 40-year journey started by its founder, Mario Gauci.

“Originally from a farming background, he subsequently became involved in the poultry growing and processing industry,” says Sharon Gauci, who took over from her father at the helm of the growing business. “Highly entrepreneurial, even from a very young age, he noted how important road transportation was, not just for carrying agricultural produce or other goods, but for everything that Malta would be needing as the country began to accelerate its development.”

The company initially focused on importing trucks and heavy construction machinery, with Mr Gauci venturing to the UK to get a better understanding of the market for commercial vehicles, attending auctions and establishing personal connections with suppliers.

Inspired by this insight, and fuelled by its founder’s strong business acumen, Burmarrad Group soon became a trusted market leader and pioneer in Malta’s automotive industry.

“Thanks to the collaborative efforts of my father and my siblings, and of course our dedicated team,” continues Ms Gauci, “our business grew, and we were able to evolve and diversify our activity. Our journey embodies entrepreneurship, resilience, and a commitment to meet dynamic market needs. I believe this legacy gives us the foundations on which we now continue to build and adapt.”

The adaptation involved diversification into a number of sectors, strategically rooted in risk mitigation and leveraging economies of scale: “From the outset, our goal was to diversify, recognising the value of spreading risk and delivering operational efficiencies. Our success lies in controlling the entire process, from importing vehicles and manufacturing appendices such as fridge boxes, to leasing, renting, and providing comprehensive servicing and repair solutions.”

The acquisition of Malta’s premium roadside assistance brand RMF in the past year represents a significant milestone, closing the product cycle entirely, with Ms Gauci noting that the move sets Burmarrad Group apart in the Maltese market, as it “now offers a truly comprehensive range of quality services spanning the entire spectrum of automotive needs.”

In 2021, Burmarrad Group significantly expanded the scope of its business by partnering with Enterprise Holdings, the world’s largest rental company with a global reputation as a leader in the vehicle rental industry. Part of a carefully deliberated strategy, this collaboration with an international brand marked a significant milestone in the company’s journey.

“The opening of the first Enterprise branch in Malta was a milestone achievement, completing Enterprise’s phased programme to extend its award-winning rental business to all EU countries,” says Ms Gauci. “This collaboration unites two market-leading businesses – Enterprise and Burmarrad Group – both share a common commitment to exceptional customer service and care, and a strong founding heritage.”

Clients will benefit from the partnership by enjoying the reliability and quality associated with a globally renowned brand, addressing the diverse needs of travellers worldwide.

The company has also made substantial investment in property projects, which it approaches with the same passion and business ethos which has proven so successful in other sectors.

“Having invested in the real estate sector from the very beginning of Burmarrad Group’s journey, we recognise the potential, and the opportunities in this space. We have designed our organisational structure accordingly, establishing dedicated teams and units to ensure a specialised and targeted approach to property development. This is in line with our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions and to meeting the changing needs of the Maltese market.”

Complementing the internal changes, the group has actively pursued strategic partnerships within the real estate industry. These collaborations with key players bring additional expertise, resources, and market insights, bolstering the group’s capabilities and accelerating growth in the property sector. The collaborative efforts focus on streamlining processes, accessing industry-specific knowledge, and fostering an environment conducive to successful property development.

Ms Gauci shares her belief that “the time is right to focus on this area, recognising the stability and resilience inherent to the real estate sector.” Burmarrad group now intends to leverage its experience in other sectors, and its considerable resources, to meet the rising demand for innovative spaces in Malta.

“We realise that, to keep our growth on track, we need to have a wider range of inputs, and so we engage a number of experts in various areas,” she says. “It’s also fundamentally important to keep fostering a philosophy of continuous improvement (‘kaizen’), and to maintain a work environment conducive to excellence.”

Looking ahead, Burmarrad Group seeks to expand it representation of other international brands that can provide innovative solutions to the Maltese market, while remaining excited about the plans – currently being finalised – for its property projects.

“These will be transformative projects that will have a positive impact on both the business and the wider community,” says Ms Gauci.

She believes that the group “remains as ambitious and forward-looking as when it started out,” and remains committed to remain market leaders in all sectors it operates in.

Featured Image:

(L-R) Mario Gauci Junior, Sharon Gauci, Maria Gauci

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