Mario Gauci Jr

Mario Gauci Jr, Director at Burmarrad Group, has identified the development of his strategic leadership skills as a key personal goal for 2024.

Over recent years, business leaders have had to change their leadership styles in order to strike a balance between accommodating employees’ growing focus on a healthy work-life balance and making sure that the business is well prepared to meet any unexpected future challenges.

Speaking to for our end-of-year series, Mr Gauci Jr, who has been a pivotal part of vehicle and machinery supplier Burmarrad Group since a very young age, said that he is determined to sharpen his skills so that he is in a better place to “guide the company through dynamic market conditions and foster long-term success.”

In this respect, he stated that from an overall economic perspective, 2024 will continue to offer “interesting opportunities for value creation” in the local market, despite a less than ideal international context. “To be able to take advantage of opportunities, one naturally must be well prepared and well resourced,” Mr Gauci Jr explained.

2024 is set to be a milestone year for Burmarrad Group, as the company celebrates its 40th birthday, an achievement that Mr Gauci Jr said is indicative of the “success” of past strategies.

“However, as with any business obsessed with long-term growth, we are firmly focused on the future and know we must continue to adapt, evolve, and do things differently,” he added.

He stated that Burmarrad Group’s growth path will be “twofold,” with consolidation in sectors in which it already has a presence, and diversification in other growth areas. “Even if we are normally associated with vehicles and leasing, property has always been an integral part of our story in one way or another. We firmly believe property will be an even more important part of what we do going forward and our group’s participation in a number of significant, high-value projects, announced earlier this year, will progress in 2024,” Mr Gauci Jr continued.

When asked what three words he would use to sum up his 2023, he opted for “innovative, resilient, and collaborative”.

Expanding further, he said that the company’s focus on innovation has “driven new services and processes,” keeping it “at the forefront” of the automotive industry. He also pointed out that despite a number of challenges, both globally and locally, the company has “demonstrated resilience in adapting to market dynamics, economic shifts, and global uncertainties”. Mr Gauci Jr also noted that the success in 2023 was primarily down to the collaboration between the team, partners, and clients.

He also pointed towards the consolidation of Burmarrad Group’s operations at the new Marsa facility, which took place over the past year, as one of the personal accomplishments he is most proud of. This was closely followed by the launch and implementation of eco-friendly and sustainable practices within the company, as well as the growth of its rent-a-car business in a market that is already “highly saturated.”

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the dedication and hard work exhibited by our talented team throughout the course of this year. Their unwavering commitment has been instrumental in the realisation of our achievements. Their tireless contributions, be it in refining processes, innovating solutions, or fostering a positive team culture, have significantly shaped our company’s trajectory,” Mr Gauci Jr said.

He also said that he is appreciative of the support, encouragement, and understanding that his father and Chairman Mario Gauci, together with his sisters, have provided. Mr Gauci Jr stressed that their support has been a “source of strength and motivation” that has contributed to his overall well-being and balance necessary for “navigating the challenges of leadership.”

Away from the workplace, in 2024 he is seeking to allocate more space and personal time to “recharge and reflect on the exciting challenges that lie ahead”. In this respect, Mr Gauci Jr said that he wants to continue improving the balance between the time he spends at the office and quality time with his family.

“Alongside this introspection, I am looking forward to celebrating the transition with cherished family and friends. Their presence is a source of joy and a reminder of the valuable connections that enrich our lives,” Mr Gauci Jr remarked.

He added that he would possibly want to have more regular weekend getaways as it is the only time he manages to “completely relax and detach” from his busy daily routine.

Asked where he sees himself in a year’s time, Mr Gauci Jr immediately replied: “Driving continued growth.”

“With my father and sisters, I envision myself leading Burmarrad Group toward further success and further solidifying our position as an industry leader in both the automotive industry and the exciting real estate projects we have lined up,” he affirmed.

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Burmarrad Group Director Mario Gauci Jr

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