Steve Mercieca

As the CEO of Malta’s largest real estate network, the pressure is always mounting and always there, says Steve Mercieca, CEO and Co-Founder of QuickLets and Zanzi Homes.

“There is a level of responsibility that is hard to quantify, and more often than not, you are placed in difficult situations that require a swift and more often than not uncomfortable discussion that can lead to somebody feeling hurt or disheartened. It is however those decisions and those actions that have brought the group to where it is today,” he explains, looking back on his journey since launching his real estate business, just under eight years ago.

“It’s all about consistency and trying to make the right decisions for the team and our clients,” he continues, adding that in the case of QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, the team has always focused on tech, training and the people that make up the company. “This has helped us grow sustainably and set solid foundations for future growth, both locally and abroad,” the CEO affirms.

Often, company growth goes hand in hand with personal growth, and the CEO confides that he has learned a lot along the way.

“I was never really a boss before, but I’ve always had leadership qualities. I’ve always led from the front lines, picking up the phone and sticking the stickers on the field by my team’s side,” he maintains, showcasing his hands-on approach to leadership. “I strongly believe that leading by example is the best way to lead a team and pass on the basics. I also read a lot of personal growth books as well as watch and subscribe to daily motivational talks by some of my favourite mentors,” he adds.

Still, the biggest or most important lesson he’s learned from his time as CEO? It’s simply to ‘Get on with it.’

“Let things go, don’t focus on petty things that make no difference in sales goals and don’t get held back when things that you didn’t plan on happening happen, be it losing a top team member or a change in legislation. Accept it, deal with it and get on with it,” he shares.

As for his top piece of advice to give to aspiring leaders, Steve chooses to quote one of his idols, business magnate Richard Branson: “Take care of your people, they will take care of your business” – along with one of his own sayings: “Dream, Believe, Achieve!”

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