If lawyers really want to help their clients, they should try approaching matters with a win-win mentality, according to Matthew Saliba, the Maltese Chief Compliance Officer of Berlin-based company JOKR.

“Every once in a while you come across a lawyer who reminds you why lawyers have a bad reputation!” he wrote on LinkedIn.

“Word to the wise – not every discussion has to be a confrontation. If you really want to help your client, try approaching matters with a win-win mentality, as opposed to a win-lose mentality. It will work wonders for business, and for your general happiness,” he continued.

Mr Saliba joined JOKR – a grocery-delivery app that promises to deliver food to its users in New York City in under 15 minutes – last May, previously spending four years at Delivery Hero.

Before moving to Germany and taking on a number of legal roles within the food delivery industry, Mr Saliba worked as a Legal Counsel for various companies in Malta, including Betclic Everest Group and White November Corporate Services Ltd.


Sorana Ionita / LinkedIn

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