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Alberta Group Director Liz Barbaro Sant has highlighted that ESG is an effective means of making a positive impact on society.

Her comments came after members of the Malta ESG Alliance met with European Parliament President Roberta Metsola last month, briefing her on what led to the setting up of the alliance, what has been done so far, and the initiatives undertaken.

The alliance discussed the role of finance in driving the ESG transition, the importance of companies’ value chain, sustainability reporting, and also efforts in welcome new members to the alliance.

Malta ESG Alliance
Members of the Malta ESG Alliance together with EU Parliament President Roberta Metsola (middle) / Malta ESG Alliance

Commenting on this on Monday, Ms Barbaro Sant stressed that it is now time for Governments and businesses to “transform their mindsets”.

Launched in July 2022, the Malta ESG Alliance is a group of 13 of Malta’s most reputable brands and businesses, who joined forced to act as founding members of the alliance, in a bid to improve ESG in Malta. This is a private sector initiative that aims to tackle the country’s ESG issues by enabling the members to share insights, expertise, and best practices. These 13 businesses opted to come together to seek to be ahead of the curve and be leaders in ESG in Malta.

Alberta Group, the family business which Ms Barbaro Sant has worked at for more than 30 years, is a founding member of the alliance.

Ms Barbaro Sant remarked that Governments and businesses must now “consider ESG holistically as central to their missions rather than as siloed issues managed in distinct areas”.

“After all, ESG is all about the right thing,” she continued.

She concluded that ESG is ultimately a “way to formalise positive actions” within the business community and the wider society, and thus should not be ignored.

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Alberta Group Director Liz Barbaro Sant / LinkedIn


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