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For APS Bank CEO Marcel Cassar, the bank’s prospects of being prepared for the future are all about “becoming more resilient, shoring up existing revenue streams and developing new ones”.

He made the comments after a recently held strategy meeting for APS Bank’s Board members and senior management. The meeting took place at the Malta Mariott Hotel & Spa in St Julian’s.

APS Strategy Meeting / APS
APS Bank’s recent strategy meeting / APS Bank

Mr Cassar went on to say that “future-readiness” is achieved “by being innovative, creative, and by caring for [the bank’s] customers, employees and investors”.

“The next phase of the planning cycle sees the setting of high level objectives by end-September, leading to the further modelling and detailed work on the 2024-2026 plan targeted to be finalised by November,” he concluded.

During the meeting, subject matter experts were invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the leadership team. McKinsey & Co Partner Balazs Czimer and Associate Partner Valeria Laszlo presented the keynote topic of “Banking in 2030”.

The agenda of the meeting also covered a range of other subjects delivered by APS Bank workers from a number of different departments and units.

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APS Bank CEO Marcel Cassar


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