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Gilly Zammit on Wednesday highlighted how businesses need to stick to the promises they make to their employees, as failing to do so will only result in distrust among workers.

Comparing these false promises to a carrot on a stick, Mr Zammit remarked that over the course of his career, he has encountered a “few scenarios in which a prize or reward was dangled” in front of him with the aim to push him harder, “only for it not to materialise”.

“These carrots can range from a promotion to any manner of rewards. Ultimately though, they are promises that are never delivered,” he explained, before adding that he hates this approach.

“If you’ve ever been on the receiving end, you’ll know that it is not only short-sighted and demoralising in the long term, but ultimately, fosters distrust and a lack of respect from your team,” he said.

The upmargin Digital Marketing Strategist said that this is a lesson that he takes with him at his consultancy firm, as since he’s working in marketing, he is in the “business of delivering results”.

“I know and value the importance of trust, and will never promise results I can’t deliver,” he added.

Mr Zammit is a digital advertising strategy specialist, and through upmargin, a business venture he has led since its inception last May, he works for clients in iGaming, cryptocurrency, and esports, providing strategies that “repeatedly bring results”.

Throughout his career, he has gained valuable marketing and advertising experience across a range of industries. This includes two years as Head of Digital Marketing at Hero Gaming, three years as Director Online Marketing at Corinthia Hotels, and also four years as Senior Web Marketer at GFI Software. Mr Zammit also has experience working as a Digital Marketing Consultant on a freelance basis, assisting companies in improving their Google search rankings through SEO, and increasing the number of customers that convert through their website, among other services.

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Gilly Zammit / LinkedIn



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