Christine Pace

As one of the hard-hit sectors to be impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting containment measures throughout 2020, retail businesses have much to be proud of for making it out the other side of an unforgettable year.

Reflecting on her own experience from the past year, Christine Pace, Managing Director at Dorkins Limited, says “The past few months have been tough for the retail sector, however, leaders always come out on top.”

“I would like to personally thank every single one of Dorkins Ltd’s employees, anyone that has formed part of Arcadia Group in the past, as well as anyone from Clarks and all the other brands that Dorkins Ltd. works with. You have taught me so much.”

Ms Pace has been involved in the fashion retail business for over three decades, starting her career employed with a clothing boutique to growing a multi-brand franchise company, including popular brands Clarks and Superdry.

Recently, the retail Group announced its launch of five new stores in Sliema, including three new brands for the Group: Salsa Jeans, Stonefly | Fitflop, UPIM (Croff Home, BluKids), Sisley, as well as a new Clarks Men, Women & Kids Store.


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