Robert Cassar

Summer is synonymous with the return of beach days, barbeques, and long nights out, however, we frequently overlook the impact this polarising season has on Malta’s ever-growing arts scene.

Be it through the longer days, better weather, or increased free time that it brings along, summer marks a well-needed turning point for the entertainment industry. As soon as June hits, you can expect to witness concerts dominating village squares, thespians flocking to theatres, and singers serenading the capital’s streets.

Eurobridge CEO Robert Cassar welcomes this sudden shift wholeheartedly and consistently seeks to make the most of it.

For our latest instalment of this year’s summer interview series, we caught up with Robert to find out what he plans on getting up to throughout the next couple of months.

1. Are you a summer or winter person? Why?

Definitely a summer person. The day is long, and one can balance activities at work with those at home and with family and friends. Here in Malta, we truly have the luxury of being able to be fully focused on work projects during the day, and drive to the beach, have a BBQ with family and friends and enjoy a nice dip in the evening.

2. What’s your favourite summer activity? Why?

Did I mention BBQs already? I love being out with my wife and two sons enjoying live music, concerts, and other cultural activities in the open; it also gives us the opportunity to meet up with friends, connect and get to know new people.

3. What’s your dream summer getaway? Why?

Anything which gives us a new perspective, from experiencing new cultures and countries, to revisiting favourite cities, from long walks in the country to taking in starry nights at sea.

4. Will you be going abroad this summer? If yes, where to and why?

Yes, it’s going to be our first family post-COVID holiday! We won’t be going far away as we will be heading to Paris. Frankly, the child in me will tell you that I’ll be really looking forward to Disneyland Paris (having two teenage boys is a good excuse, but I really enjoy it, especially now with the Marvel, Lucas Arts and Star Wars universes integrated), a much-anticipated Iron Maiden concert at La Défense Arena after a two-year postponement of the tour due to the pandemic, and a jazz festival at Chateau de Chantilly. At the jazz festival, I’m really looking forward to experiencing French Lebanese jazz trumpeter and composer Ibrahim Maalouf live for the first time. Of course, we will also be doing the Parisian tourist round of Versailles, the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and other sites.

Probably my family will beg to differ…but we’re not really into those relaxing-at-the-beach kind of holidays.

5. What’s your best holiday experience?

Crossing the US East Coast from Niagara Falls, through Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Smoky Mountains, the Carolinas, Atlanta to Florida Keys by car.

6. What’s your worst holiday experience?

As is probably the case with many people – not actually having a travelling holiday experience for the past two years due to the pandemic. This made us appreciate what we have, made us appreciate even more the work of artists, of live entertainment, of our chance to enjoy our freedom, of being in good vibe crowds, and of being able to hug and mingle with extended family and friends.


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