The Malta Financial Services Authority’s (MFSA) Financial Supervisors Academy (FSA) has collaborated with University of Malta (UM) to launch a new Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Regulation and Compliance, aimed at elevating competency levels within the financial services industry.

The diploma has been designed in a bid to set a new standard within the industry that is endorsed by the MFSA.

The MFSA stated that the programme offers a deep drive into real-world financial services case studies, with a curriculum that covers essential areas such as governance and internal audit, risk management, compliance, Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) responsibilities, sustainable and digital finance, report writing and business ethics. It added that each module is designed to equip graduates with a comprehensive toolkit to be able to effectively address industry-specific challenges.

A signing ceremony was held earlier this week to mark the launch of the diploma, which is set to start in October 2024.

MFSA CEO Kenneth Farrugia said that the introduction of this programme signifies a “further step towards bridging the gap between academic proficiency and industry application.”

He added that the authority is excited to collaborate and join resources with UM to deliver a programme that “not only provides theoretical knowledge, but also equips students and industry professionals with practical skills that are essential for the success of the financial industry in Malta.”

Mr Farrugia remarked that this diploma aims to attract individuals and professionals from different fields to the financial industry, with it also being open to students from different faculties.

UM Record Alfred J. Vella said that the university is “on the forefront in collaborating with the country’s institutions to provide specific programmes of study that cater for the needs of the industry.”

He added both UM and the MFSA are happy that through this agreement, people who either want to delve into the financial services sector for the first time or are already in it but want to upskill their abilities, can do so.

Christopher P. Buttigieg, MFSA Chief Officer – Supervision, affirmed that the primary aim of programme is to “strengthen the capacity in Malta with respect to compliance and anti-money laundering (AML).”

He also proceeded to encourage members of the financial services industry, as well as those who want to start a career in the industry, to take on the course.

The MFSA stated that further information about the diploma will soon be available on both the authority and UM’s websites. “Potential applicants and interested professionals are advised to stay tuned for upcoming announcements on application openings and curriculum specifics,” the MFSA said.

Featured Image:

UM Record Alfred J. Vella (front-left) and MFSA CEO Kenneth Farrugia (front-right) at the signing ceremony


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