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Andaria Financial Services Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Reuben Abela on Thursday outlined six integral aspects of life that business leaders have to remember, all of which came to mind during his morning walks with his dog, Winston.

Mr Abela started off by jokingly saying that Thursday’s walk with Winston was his “first meeting of the day”. “Every day, without fail, Winston is waiting for his morning catch-up. Never late. Always ready to go,” he said.

He remarked that while Winston “doesn’t want to talk payments, strategy or anything really”, he is “fantastic” at reminding Mr Abela about six crucial things everyone must take note of during their day.

Winston / Reuben Abela / LinkedIn
Winston during one of his walks with Rueben Abela / LinkedIn

Firstly, he states that people need to be more appreciative, as “every day is something to be excited about from the very start”.

He also pointed out that similar to the task of having to take one’s dog for walks, “commitment” and a “habit of doing things” is important in life, as “the small things set the tone”.

“Your reason not to show up better be good,” Mr Abela continued. Business leaders need to fulfil their commitments, whether those are meetings or specific targets that they need to reach.

However, he also noted that “fresh air is important”, and hence business leaders have to allocate time to get out of the office and clear their minds a bit.

Additionally, Mr Abela remarked that there is a “whole world out there that can and should be explored”, as there are opportunities “everywhere”.

Lastly, he said: “Freshly cut hay smells amazing. Take a moment and just enjoy it. Everything else can wait a minute.” Life in business can prove to be very hectic and stressful, and business leaders need to fully enjoy and savour those moments that truly bring them satisfaction and relaxation. Whether it is a well-needed trip, or just some quality time with their pets, putting aside some time to unwind is crucial.

“Winston will never be a great businessman or strategist. But Winston started his day with a walk, played in the hay and chased a cat, and did his duty to remind me of things which I take for granted. He is happy,” Mr Abela continued.

“Never underestimate your role in this world. Winston doesn’t, so why should you,” he concluded.

Mr Abela was appointed CRO at Andaria Financial Services last April, having worked at the fintech company’s Malta office as Head of Commercial for nine months. He holds a Master of Science in Business Innovation & eBusiness from Birkbeck University of London, and a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Public Policy from University of Malta.


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