In a significant move towards sustainability and renewable energy, Teva Malta announced the installation of two state-of-the-art Photovoltaic (PV) systems with a combined peak power of 631kWp at its plant in Bulebel.

Patrick Cachia, Managing Director of Teva Malta, stated: “The completion of these photovoltaic systems installations marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability. Teva Malta’s commitment to environmental responsibility is deeply integrated into our mission to improve health.

“As a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry, Teva Pharmaceuticals leverages innovative technologies and sustainable practices to minimize its environmental footprint.”

This initiative, which is part of Teva Pharmaceuticals’ global strategy to shift away from fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy sources, was undertaken at local level in partnership with Alternative Technologies Ltd, SunPower premier partners for the Maltese Islands, and Photonika Ltd.

The installation of the PV systems was highlighted at a special visit by the Minister for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, Miriam Dalli, who toured the facilities, witnessing firsthand the operational capabilities and the impact these installations will have on Teva Malta’s energy profile.

The onsite visit was guided by Maurizio Cappello, Director of Engineering at Teva Malta, who together with Marouska Bartolo, Energy and Compliance Senior Engineer, oversaw the design and implementation of the project. Mr Cappello delved into the various technical aspects of the PV systems, providing insights into their design, functionality, and integration into the overall operations, while highlighting the significant benefits.

To date, the PV systems have already generated 1.42GWh, equivalent to 554Tons of CO2 emissions saved. In real terms, the Teva Malta site in Bulebel is already producing 8% of its total energy consumption through renewables.

Since the start of the energy management programme, Teva Malta has contributed to a reduction of nearly 18,000 Tons of CO2, and a cumulative energy saving equivalent to the consumption of 9,000 Maltese homes.

The installations represent another significant step by Teva Malta towards achieving the ambitious global sustainability targets set by Teva Pharmaceuticals to achieve net zero emissions across its operations and value chain by 2045.


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