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Raissa Camilleri on Wednesday (today) announced that she has recently stepped down from her position as Head of Client Services at BRND WGN.

As a result, she has left the Malta-based creative agency after almost 10 years, having first joined as Junior Executive in 2014.

In a long and emotional post on LinkedIn, Ms Camilleri described her decision to leave the position as a “tough and life-changing” one.

She remarked that prior to joining BRND WGN, she had just graduated and become a mother, with barely any experience.

“It was one let down after another and safe to say one of the most challenging and darkest times of my life. Until a group of people saw something in me, they took a risk, they believed I could and eventually I started to believe it too,” Ms Camilleri said.

After joining the agency, Ms Camilleri steadily occupied more senior positions, eventually reaching the roles of Partner and Head of Client Services.

“I am forever indebted to them for taking that risk on a young mother who had nothing to go by professionally except a massive eagerness to learn and perform,” she continued.

Ms Camilleri said that her decision comes after she received the news a few months ago that her mother was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, a new reality that shook her life.

“Living with all the profound emotions that come along with it has inevitably led me to ask myself: if I don’t take a step back now then when? It was time to take the plunge,” she continued.

Ms Camilleri said that while she loved working with BRND WGN and its people, as she grew older, it was becoming clearer to her that it was time to take a step back and slow down to fully focus on what matters.

She stated that it was the opportune moment for her to bid farewell to BRND WGN. While she acknowledged that parting ways has brought an “inevitable heartache,” she will forever carry her years at the agency close to her.

Ms Camilleri proceeded to express gratitude to the team at BRND WGN for valuing her right from the very start and for continuing to support her. She also thanked her client services team and the rest of her former colleagues.

“In 2014, the WGN gave me roots. In 2024, the WGN gave me a pair of wings and took joy in watching me fly in pursuit of my own happiness. Thank you BRND WGN for always putting my happiness first,” she continued.

In a post of his own, BRND WGN CEO and Founder Peter Grech said that it was a great privilege to have worked with Ms Camilleri over the years.

“So many adventures, so many lessons, and so many laughs. Thank you for shaping the WGN, your impact will be felt for many years to come as an inspiration to so many of us. We will always be right behind you to support your journey,” he added.

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Outgoing BRND WGN Partner and Head of Client Services Raissa Camilleri / LinkedIn


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