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Non-Executive Director and Executive Mentor Nadia Pace on Wednesday emphasised the importance of taking time to completely switch off from work to get some much-needed rest, as it leads to benefits at both a personal and a professional level.

“When I lose count of which day of the week it is and the day slowly drifts into a rhythm from sunrise to sunset, where time isn’t a determining factor, it is a clear sign that I managed to switch off,” she said.

She added that in the past, it used to take her “much longer to unwind”, as an extended weekend trip was “never worth the money invested”.

Nadia Pace Greece / LinkedIn
A picture from one of Nadia Pace’s latest trips to Donousa, Greece / LinkedIn

However, over the years she learnt to transition into a “holiday mode” by “steering away” from her emails and phone in 24 hours.

“I am happy I managed and today I encourage my fellow colleagues, especially CEOs, C-Suite officials, and business owners to follow suit, as it has only benefits for the self and equally for business,” Ms Pace said.

She explained: “We jointly work on creating structures and systems to ensure business continuity.”

For more than 20 years, she has been visiting Greece “for one reason or another”, and over time it has become a place she calls “home”. There, she has friends that are now part of her extended family and business contacts that she has “nurtured throughout all these years”.

Malcolm Mamo, Chief Operations Officer at IT services and consulting firm Infinite Fusion, was in agreement with Ms Pace, stating that it is “wonderful to witness” how one’s ability to switch off and unwind “evolves” over time.

Malcolm Mamo / LinkedIn
Infinite Fusion Chief Operations Officer Malcolm Mamo / LinkedIn

“This skill isn’t just a personal triumph; it reflects our trust in the structures and systems we create within our businesses and in our teams,” he said.

The need to switch off acts as a “potent reminder” for business leaders that taking time for themselves is not only a “personal indulgence”, but also a “crucial investment” in one’s wellbeing that “fuels” their ability to “lead and inspire”.

Ms Pace is vastly experienced within the business world and describes herself as a “strong advocate for innovation and business transformation”. Her passion lies in mentoring business leaders and companies as they “navigate through challenges and unravel new business opportunities”. She is a Master of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations graduate from City College, an institution affiliate with the University of Sheffield.

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