Denise Xuereb

AX Group is no stranger to Malta’s development scene, with a long list of prestigious projects to its name, that have contributed significantly to the country’s offering. Throughout its history, AX has managed to break ground in several sectors, setting high standards across the board. The much-anticipated Verdala Terraces, which is currently under construction and expected to welcome its first residents in the third quarter of 2024, is certainly no exception.

“It is the result of a genuine love for the craft,” explains Denise Xuereb, AX Group Director of Construction and Development. “Naturally development is what we do, but it is in our philosophy to go the extra mile, to create high quality projects that strike a balance, while contributing to the areas they are situated in.”

For Denise, the Verdala development, is an emotional subject since it played a significant role throughout her life. 

“I have very fond childhood memories of family and friends at the old Grand Hotel Verdala. Being directly involved in giving a new lease of life to this iconic establishment fills me with enthusiasm, and a drive to create something which does justice to the grandeur of the old hotel, yet lives up to the standards of contemporary luxury,” Denise notes.

In a spirit of collaboration, AX reached out to the community at design stage to obtain feedback about the development which will be split into three blocks, with 87 residential units and a 5-star hotel. 

“One meaningful change that we are very happy to note is that the new development respects the urban environment surrounding it, as within its design it seeks to reflect the nearby Rabat townscape. The built-up portions of the development have been reduced considerably, in favour of open spaces, same as the height level which is now a significant two stories lower than the old Verdala hotel.”

“Being built on a ridge, opposite the magnificent old capital Mdina, we were sensitive that the new design needed to respect the natural landscape and famed skyline, rather than compete for attention. That is how we developed the idea of an a-symmetrical outline that evokes the landscape of the valley below it. We wanted the project to blend into the surrounding visual, while still maintaining the highest standards in design and quality.”

In fact, AX pulled out all the stops for this project, bringing on board a vast team of local and international professionals who brought with them the latest technological advancements in the field.

“It certainly wasn’t an easy task to coordinate all the moving parts at every stage, but the end result is already starting to give us great satisfaction,” Denise maintains. “For the first time in Malta, on this project we are using new post-tensioning technology in construction. With this new technique, concrete structures are designed to be slimmer, while remaining equally robust – meaning our buildings can enjoy an even more sleek design and larger spans. These possibilities have naturally given a new playground for our excellent inhouse C&K architects who designed the development.”

“The entire project is inspired by one central vision – that of creating something that will withstand the test of time. And we are lucky enough that our vision tallied perfectly with that of all the talented professionals and consultants that were brought on board.”

AX is synonymous with high quality developments, and long-term investments. Verdala Terraces is expected to be somewhat of a crown-jewel within the Group’s long list of prestigious achievements.

“The project will boast unparalleled facilities, with a concierge service for the residential blocks, security services, an infinity pool overlooking one of the islands most beautiful valleys, sprawling landscaped gardens and a 5-star hotel next door, with all the amenities and services expected.”

Sustainability is also an important priority for AX Group, as the new Verdala Terraces take the principle of green construction to a whole new level.

“The project was conceived from the very start to have  a high rating in energy efficiency and respect to the surrounding environment. That is why the buildings will have ventilated facades, insulated apertures and sound mitigation measures, amongst others.”

“Ultimately, we truly believe that the Verdala Terraces are bound to become one of the island’s most coveted addresses. Our passion together with the dedication of our teams to the project, are certainly pointing in that direction,” Denise concludes. 

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