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It was once thought that a recent shift towards championing mental well-being and maintaining a sustainable work-life balance was a by-product of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Despite most business activity and work life normalising, we continue to see business leaders prioritise such issues.

Warren Mizzi, Britannia Tours
Warren Mizzi, Britannia Tours General Manager

In a recent post on social media, Warren Mizzi, General Manager at Britannia Tours shared his thoughts on the importance of a solid work-life balance. He made reference to a famous one-minute speech delivered by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who, in turn, had quoted Coca Cola’s former CEO.

In his speech, Mr Pichai compared life to a game of five balls, whereby one is made of rubber and the rest are made of glass. In other words, one ball has the ability to bounce back without breaking, whereas the remaining four are more fragile. The five balls he refers to in his speech are work, family, health, friends, and soul.

In his concluding thoughts, Mr Mizzi (quoting Mr Pichai) asserts that when using the metaphor of ‘balls’,  work is the only ball that is made of rubber. Therefore, it will always bounce back. Consequently, we need to treat this aspect of our life with the flexibility it deserves, and pay more attention to the more fragile ‘balls’ in our life.

A highly inspirational post indeed!

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