From working within a family business to starting his own, Kevin Attard, Founder and CEO of Attard Holdings, has more than a few years’ experience leading a business through thick and thin.

In this series of interviews with Malta’s business leaders, Kevin shares his belief that “leadership is achieved through years of experience and the right approach.”

It’s all about team work

“Over the past 25 years, Attard holdings, has come a long way and today, we are enjoying our achievements, gained through hard work and taking the correct decisions at the right moment,” he says.

He adds that having a great team to lead certainly helps in reaching the targets set out for the business – “and this happens when you make an effort to understand those around you, and vice versa.”

“Having the best people around you is what makes you a good CEO, and providing the best service possible to customers is what brings about success,” says Kevin.

A fruitful journey

“I had a very humble start in the industry,” says Kevin, who began his career in the logistics sector working with a family business 30 years ago.

He went on to start his own, which today is a leading company offering shipping, transportation, customs and freight services. “Since then, I have not looked back and ventured into opportunities that moved Attard Holdings to where it stands today.”

“I compare logistics to a roller coaster – no day of work is like another, and whatever the difficulty or constraint you may face, you must perform and deliver,” says Kevin. “The only setback is when a one-off customer takes advantage of the genuine service being offered or of the service provider – whether that’s a CEO or a driver.”

In logistics, one can always expect…

A surprise! The CEO says, “in our line of business, surprises in a normal workday are standard.”

However, Kevin takes this in his stride and regards the challenges as worthwhile. “As CEO, I believe in our customers, and this is because our customers believe in the service we offer – and support us endlessly and genuinely.”


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