As unbearably hot as Maltese summer might be, this season allows us to enjoy a handful of activities we wouldn’t even dream of experiencing overseas.

Couple the country’s climate with its unique topography and idyllic beaches, and you get long beach days, family barbeques, and breezy evening walks along the coast.

Both Franks Director Claire Abela and MCAST Principal-CEO Joachim James Calleja are deeply enamoured by such activities – so much so that they’re willing to look past some of the less favourable elements of Maltese summer.

For today’s instalment of the summer series, we caught up with Claire and James to learn more about what they plan on getting up to in the coming months. Here’s what they had to say.

Claire Abela (left) & Joachim James Calleja (right)

Are you a summer or winter person? Why?

CA: Definitely summer! Not a fan of the weather but love the summer vibe. Everyone is generally happier and there are so many more events and excuses for people and family to meet up

JJC: A summer person; the day is longer, and I just love the outdoor life.

What’s your favourite summer activity? Why?

CA: A barbeque by a pool, chilling with friends or family.

JJC: Spending time in Gozo on weekends; the place is still quiet and there is always something to do.

What’s your dream summer getaway? Why

CA: I just got back from Peru and the Caribbean last [month]. I must say, they have hit the spot.

JJC: A trip to the Lapland; I love the mid-night sun!

Will you be going abroad this summer? If yes, where to and why?

JJC: Yes, we are planning a holiday abroad; still undecided as to where to go!

What’s your best holiday experience?

CA: Definitely Peru or Vietnam.

JJC: The region of Andalusia by car with my family! Brisbane, Hong Kong, and Singapore were also holidays to remember.

What’s your worst holiday experience?

CA: I don’t particularly have on since I enjoy myself everywhere and manage to make the most of where I am.

JJC: Sicily without a car!

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