Claire Zammit Xuereb

As temperatures rise and tempers get shorter, all anyone can think about is heading off on a well-deserved break, far from the maddening day-to-day routine.

Of course, Malta’s business leaders are no exception.

For the first entry of this year’s summer interview series, we caught up with Claire Zammit Xuereb – Hospitality and Care Director at AX Group.

With a stellar portfolio of hotels, restaurants, and brands under her belt, Claire has undoubtedly become one of the most recognisable figures in the local hospitality industry; having said that, there’s way more to this industry stalwart than what she gets up to in her office.

Here’s how AX Group’s Claire Zammit Xuereb is planning on spending her summer.

1. Are you a summer or winter person? Why

I would say both. I love summer, I love winter, and I love all seasons for various reasons. I like summer because I like to swim, I like the heat, and I like the sun. In winter I like to cuddle up, sit by the fire, and I also like visiting countries in colder temperatures.

2. What’s your favourite summer activity? Why?

By far, my favourite summer activity is swimming. If I could live in the water I could, I love it. Even after work, in summer, I make it a point to go and swim every day. This weekend I’ll be making it a point to go surf-kiting. I love sports, I love adventure, and I love the outdoors.

3. What’s your dream summer getaway? Why?

My dream summer getaway would be somewhere where nobody can see me and where I can see nobody. Ideally somewhere exotic where I can just vegetate. I live a very fast-paced life, so during a summer getaway I’d rather just do nothing.

4. Will you be going abroad this summer? If yes, where to and why?

Yes, I’ll be going away to learn kite-surfing during the weekend. Later on in summer, however, we’ll be going away on a vacation on our boat.

5. What’s your best holiday experience?

My best holiday experience was, by far, Brazil, it’s a very interesting place with a lot of interesting people and food. There’s nice fashion and gorgeous nature as well. I love everything about it.

6. What’s your worst holiday experience?

This one’s a bit difficult – probably because I love holidays and I try to make the most out of them. In general, I’m a positive person and I try to see the positive in everything. Having said that, my biggest disappointment in terms of holidays was Cyprus. I imagined it, somehow, to be similar to Greece. I was in Ayia Napa – maybe I wasn’t prepared for such noise. Also, the crowd was very different to what I’m used to, it was very young and noisy. Otherwise, however, all of my holidays have been great experiences.

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Claire Zammit Xuereb / AX Group

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