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Endeavour Founder and Organisational Psychologist Practitioner Daniel Cassar on Sunday remarked that remaining resilient is at the heart of effective leadership in the business world.

He was reflecting on the past week as part of a blog post, which to him “feels like attempting to capture the essence of a vibrant tapestry – a mingling of productivity and introspection, of highs and subtle lows”.

Mr Cassar specialises in strengthening the relationships between team leaders and members through his knowledge about leadership and team management. He has a passion for workplace safety, and holds a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from University of Leicester, as well as a Higher Diploma in Psychology from University of Malta, among other qualifications. Aside from his role at Endeavour, he is also Human Resources (HR) Manager at Delta (Malta) Ltd.

Firstly, he pointed out that for him and Endeavour, a consultancy firm he founded with the aim of helping people “find value and fulfilment from work”, this week focused on the theme of resilience.

Mr Cassar remarked that resilience is a quality that is “not only essential for personal development, but also a cornerstone for effective leadership”.

During the week, discussions delved into constructing strategies to weather challenges and to lead teams through them, “fostering an environment of growth and adaptability”. “The insights gained were not confined to the professional realm; they wove seamlessly into the fabric of personal growth, contributing to a richer understanding of leadership and fortitude,” he continued.

He also took part in a series of creative and collaborative meetings as he continued to expand Endeavour’s services. During these meetings, he met with a number of professionals from diverse backgrounds, who showcased “contagious” energy, a “testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when minds converge in pursuit of a shared vision”.

“It’s in these moments that one realises the true strength of collective collaboration,” Mr Cassar explained.

In addition to this, Mr Cassar also highlighted the notable milestones that his podcast, GROWTH Schema, made this week, having reached the 30th episode. Discussions during the episode explored the “nuanced terrain of loneliness, the hazards of toxic growth, and the often-underestimated importance of rest in the pursuit of sustainable success”, he said.

Lastly, Mr Cassar also shared that amidst all of these opportunities, challenges, and milestones, he also focused on remaining calm and getting some “much-needed rest”. He remarked that he is starting to get an average of six hours of sleep per night, an increase in sleeping hours that is having a positive impact on his wellbeing.

“The benefits were tangible – improved mood, heightened focus, and sustained energy levels. Sleep, I discovered, is not just a biological necessity, but a profound contributor to personal and professional growth,” he stressed.

He also took on a routine of five workouts per week, an effort that not only improved his physical wellbeing, but also acted as a way for him to “process emotions and thoughts”.

“Additionally, a leisurely long walk became a metaphorical journey, offering moments of reflection and mental reprieve. Seizing the opportunity, I tackled some backlog work, finding a sense of accomplishment in clearing the slate for new endeavours,” he said.

Wrapping up, Mr Cassar said: “In this intricate tapestry of experiences, each thread contributes to the vibrant picture of growth. Here’s to the ebb and flow of life, the lessons in resilience, and the power of intentional rest.”

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Endeavour Founder and Organisational Psychologist Practitioner Daniel Cassar / LinkedIn


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