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Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) CEO Maria Cauchi Delia has affirmed that more investment in technology, digital tools and skills is needed to increase Malta’s competitiveness in the coming years.

She stated this during the second conference organised by MIA this year, which addressed key challenges impacting the accounting profession. The underlying theme for this event was that investment in digital tools and skills is fundamental in addressing the twin challenges of talent scarcity and regulatory requirements. Such investment is also increasingly needed to strengthen organisations’ ability to meet expectations in emerging areas such as sustainability while also creating added value for shareholders and stakeholders.

As she introduced the event, Ms Cauchi Delia said that accountancy professionals play a key role as drivers in creating added value within the operations of the companies they work for.

MIA Conference

She called for further investment in technology and digital tools and skills, which she remarked are “fundamental” to reduce administrative burdens while also addressing the talent shortage which afflicts the Maltese economy at the present time.

This view was shared by other speakers. It was noted that with Malta approaching full employment and an ageing workforce, it required a major effort to allow technology to take over several jobs, to allow firms to channel their resources to more productive, higher value-added activities.

Representatives from various regulators acknowledged the increasing regulatory challenges impacting Maltese organisations, while highlighting that most of these changes are being driven from a European or international level. The different regulators highlighted their effort to invest in technology to facilitate the regulatory process, while emphasising the importance for businesses to ensure compliance.

Various discussion panels led to lively debates, including with public interaction, on issues such as sustainability, the advance of AI in support business development, as well as the role of accountants and Chief Financial Officers in driving value creation – hence the transition to Chief Value Officer, elements which are also intrinsically tied with Malta’s competitiveness efforts. These panels featured top officials from some of Malta’s top businesses in various industries. A number of business leaders expanded on the role of technology, both in driving organisational efficiency, enhancing data-driven processes and improving regulatory compliance.

A final stakeholder panel brought together representatives from banks in search of solutions to strengthen relationships between the profession and the banking industry, with the latter being seen as a key stakeholder for industry growth and success.

The conference was organised with the support of the MIA Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Group and supported by Scope Solutions, Softline Computer Systems Ltd, and APS Bank.

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MIA CEO Maria Cauchi Delia / MIA


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