Marthese Vella / RSM Malta

AX Investments on Thursday announced that AX Group has named Marthese Vella as its new Chief Technology Officer. Her appointment will come into effect on 3rd April 2023.

She is an IT specialist and has served in a number of senior positions at various firms in the past, including as Lead Consultant at RSM Malta and Head of Advisory at Proact Advisory.

She also worked as Chief Information Officer at Azure Malta for almost three years, and at Island Hotels Group for more than 16 years. Additionally, she was also IT Manager at Air Malta for over six years.

Ms Vella holds a Master of Science in Information Management from Lancaster University and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from University of Malta. She also has a certificate in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Over the years she has become particularly skilled in IT strategy and business analysis, among other things.

Founded in 1975 by Chairman Angelo Xuereb as a civil engineering firm, AX Group has since diversified its operations by expanding its business portfolio to also include restoration works, hotels, restaurants, care homes, and other projects.

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Marthese Vella / RSM Malta


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