Matthew Dimech on Tuesday announced that he has been appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO) at BCRS Malta.

He first joined the company as Head of Administration in 2021, and was tasked with its formation, tendering and contracting, scheme IT architecture, systems, and machine integrations with management processes, among other responsibilities.

Matthew Dimech / LinkedIn
Matthew Dimech / LinkedIn

BCRS is the operator of Malta’s Beverage Container Refund Scheme, which incentivises the return of single-use beverage containers by applying a refundable €0.10 deposit on the sale of beverages. Consumers can then regain their deposit by returning the empty container to one of the company’s reverse vending machines. This initiative, which launched last November, seeks to contribute to the reduction of single-use beverage container waste in Malta.

The new COO has his work cut out for him following a number of complaints directed towards the company for its reverse vending machines, yet over 20 million bottles and cans have been collected since the scheme’s launch.

Prior to his time at the company, Mr Dimech served as Business Development Manager at NRGY Concepts. He also occupied various secretarial positions at a number of local councils, where he was entrusted as Head of Finance and Administration. One of his previous accomplishments was the organisational turnaround of Sliema Local Council following its forced dissolution in 2012.

He holds a Master of Science in Development Economics and Public Policy from SOAS University of London and a Master of Science in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics from Durham University, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Public Policy from University of Malta.

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Matthew Dimech / LinkedIn


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