Recognised as the best iGaming traffic source of 2022 by SiGMA Awards, RichAds advertising network continues to widen its expertise in the niche. 

With broad experience in the gambling and betting industry, the team does not gatekeep this knowledge – they produce useful content on YouTube and their blog on a regular basis.

As part of the Ads&Grans rubric on RichAds’ YouTube channel, the Chief Marketing Officer at RichAds, Vasilii Gamov interviewed three C-level representatives at Media 24. 

The interview sheds light on how to earn on iGaming with the help of SEO websites and how much money can actually be made.

First, Vasilii talked to the CEO of the project — Martins Lasmanis. He has been working with SEO traffic since 2007 and has been CEO of Media 24 for a year already, with expertise that comprises more than a decade.

Martins explained what the company does: “We have our affiliate websites, mostly focused on betting. The content is diverse — reviews, betting school, bonuses, tips and more. In terms of content, we are mostly focused on sportsbooks list.”

Another person to reveal more about the project was Valentin Darechkin, CCO of the company. He has more than six years of experience in affiliate marketing and has been a C-level executive of Media 24 for more than six months by now.

One of the insights Valentin shared was the difference of gambling and betting target audience, he explained that LTV varies greatly. Furthermore, Valentin provided hacks for newbies — how many articles an SEO website should include to be successful, typical mistakes, payment issues as well as working and trending GEOs. The issue of AI translation efficiency was also raised and talked through.

Finally, one more executive that Vasilii turned to was Ricards Bartasevics, COO of Media 24. He launched a few of betting and casino websites eight years ago, then had his own agency and finally began to work with Media 24.

In terms of profits, Ricards shared the following insight: “If we talk about margins or revenue, there are even cases when companies work with 70 per cent of profit margins, this way you can see that the sky’s the limit. First years that you work in affiliate business, you will work in minus, but if you do everything right you can get to 30 per cent and more”.

Those are just some brief facts from the highly informative interview. You can watch the full version here. Make sure to check out other useful content on affiliate marketing and iGaming on RichAds YouTube channel.


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