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Digital marketing specialist Gilly Zammit on Friday shared that as businesses grow, it is often more difficult to work with them due to increased levels of bureaucracy.

“The bigger you are, the harder it is to work with you,” the upmargin Founder said. While he noted that this might not always be the case, “too often, the added layers in larger corporations create a level of bureaucracy that makes them harder to work with”.

To best explain this, he made reference to how in order to close a contract or kickstart an idea with a large company, “it first needs to go through several different departments”.

“Sometimes, it can take so long to get the final go-ahead from the higher-ups that it results in loss of opportunity,” Mr Zammit continued.

“Say you have a situation where you need to strike while the iron is hot to achieve maximum impact, in a small company or start-up, you can take it directly to the decision-maker, and get in there fast,” he explained.

He noted that agility and flexibility when it comes to working with smaller businesses are “incomparable” to that of working with larger ones, and this is “powerful”.

He remarked that start-ups should recognise their advantage and make sure they are fully utilising it, while businesses that are on the “larger end of the spectrum” need to look at their processes.

“Can they be streamlined to compete with the agility afforded by smaller players? If you don’t it could cost you in the long run,” he concluded.

Mr Zammit specialises in optimising search engine marketing and programmatic advertising in iGaming, crypto, and esports, and describes himself as “fully invested in client growth”.

Throughout his career, he has gained valuable marketing and advertising experience across a range of industries. This includes two years as Head of Digital Marketing at Hero Gaming, three years as Director Online Marketing at Corinthia Hotels, and also four years as Senior Web Marketer at GFI Software. Mr Zammit also has experience working as a Digital Marketing Consultant on a freelance basis, assisting companies in improving their Google search rankings through SEO, and increasing the number of customers that convert through their website, among other services.


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