VISTAGE (Malta) recently teamed up with the Royal Malta Golf Club to organise a mindful team building activity, using golf as a tool for self-awareness and social interaction.

The event, organised by the leading executive coaching organisation globally with 25,000 members, centred on the belief that enhancing one’s personal development leads to better business leadership.

Under the guidance of professional golfers Henning Shulze-Doring and Andrew Saunders, the members of the organisation – all CEOs and business owners – worked on hand-eye coordination, focus, and ‘learning by doing’.

“It was amazing to realise how you are able block everything out when you are concentrating on hitting the ball. It’s an excellent tool to practice mindful attention and avoid multitasking. It was a wakeup call to recognise how distracted we can get in our busy lives,” explained Aurelia Ferreira, owner of Aura Projects and member of one of the VISTAGE Small Business groups.

“Whilst it was great fun to all be together after such a long time of social distancing, it was also the perfect way to connect with each other as well as our inner selves. The course is looking amazing and being out here in greenery is so refreshing,” said Nathan Farrugia, Managing Director of VISTAGE and a keen golfer himself.

“Golf has really helped me manage my inner self and understand how to manage my emotions. Golf can be extremely frustrating, and you can easily get upset with yourself, so managing that on the golf course helped me improve in everyday life and at work,” he continued, noting that improving ourselves, whether it’s through a hobby, a sport, further education or coaching is a big part of VISTAGE’s purpose, which is to help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities.


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