Andrew Azzopardi

Vintage’82 Founder Andrew Azzopardi has affirmed that despite it getting relatively tiring, working in an industry that does not allow him to stick to a fixed daily routine is something he loves about his job.

Mr Azzopardi founded the fine wine investment and supply business in 2022, incorporating his various years of experience in purchasing super-premium wines.

Speaking to for our end-of-year series, he stated that due to the nature of the fine wine industry, he has a very dynamic everyday routine that requires him to react very quickly.

“What I love most about the business is how we cannot stick to a daily routine. When dealing with superyachts and private individuals, our business is built on our quick reaction times,” Mr Azzopardi said.

He remarked that even though it can get tiring at times, he still “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

As a result, he feels that there isn’t any particular aspect of how he goes about his day that needs to change in 2024, with his daily, early morning swims being the only hint of a routine that he enjoys. “I find that a swim, especially in winter, prepares me for a hectic day ahead,” Mr Azzopardi explained.

He added that he would also love to find some time to become more financially literate. “I’m not a numbers guy by any stretch of the imagination. Though I can understand a profit and loss and cash flow, I would surely be up for developing deeper financial management skills,” Mr Azzopardi said.

An aspect that he has grown accustomed to experiencing on a daily basis is facing various challenges, especially given that the business is still so new. However, Mr Azzopardi said that the “excitement of working in such an amazing industry” allows him to take on these daily challenges. When coupled with achieving personal satisfaction from the job, these are the factors that keep him going.

When asked about which personal accomplishment from 2023 that he is most proud of, Mr Azzopardi admitted that it was particularly hard to answer the question, especially since a year is “such a long time in business” that he finds himself moving onto the next challenge before appreciating the success of the previous one.

However, if he had to pick one, Mr Azzopardi said that it would be the way Vintage’82 has managed to stick to its initial strategy of “focusing on premium wines only”, a move that is “paying off”.

He acknowledged that in 2023, he is most grateful for having his family so far from the ongoing conflicts between Palestine and Israel and Russia and Ukraine. “The world can be a scary place, and I am eternally grateful to watch my kids sleep safely every night,” Mr Azzopardi added.

Family is at the heart of everything for Mr Azzopardi, yet the Christmas season tends to be quite a busy period for him, making family-time difficult to come by. However, he commented that it tends to “quieten down” immediately after the start of the new year, and so he is planning a short getaway with his family.

“I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my wife and kids, as well as taking the opportunity for a mental reset before taking on the new year,” he remarked.

Returning to his professional focus, he feels that 2024 will bring its “own set of challenges and opportunities”, and thus it is important for Vintage’82 to be in a position to “react quickly”.

“Of course, I cannot foresee the future, but I do believe that the rate of inflation and the lack of available skilled resources will continue to prove extremely challenging in Malta,” he went on to say.

Mr Azzopardi stressed that the business is growing “at a steady pace”, and has put in place some “extremely ambitious targets” for the coming years. He noted that while it is normal to not be able to reach all of the short-term goals, Vintage’82 will strive to continue its journey towards reaching the longer-term plans of becoming the “go-to company for premium wines in Malta.”

“I am confident we will happily look back at our achievements in a year’s time,” Mr Azzopardi added.

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Vintage'82 Founder Andrew Azzopardi

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