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JD Capital plc CEO Franco Azzopardi is celebrating his birthday on Friday (today).

Nick Azzopardi, the son of the experienced CEO, chose to express gratitude and to wish his father happy birthday through a heart-warming post.

“To my papa, I always struggle to put pen to paper at this time of year, not because I am lost in what to say or knowing that you already have a good understanding of my sentiments, but because you constantly and consistently leave me, speechless. Speechless at your perseverance, perception, and parading through life,” he said.

Franco Azzopardi
JD Capital plc CEO Franco Azzopardi / LinkedIn

He noted that even with life’s “twists, turns, ducks and punches”, Mr Azzopardi still remains faithful to the idea of “always being a gentleman”, a sentiment that has been passed on from one generation to the next. These are words that Mr Azzopardi has “instilled” in his family for “generations to follow”, the son added.

“Always living up to your principles of courage, integrity, benevolence, respect, honesty, honour and loyalty: the Bushido code,” he continued.

He highlighted that “most of all”, the day is there for the family to celebrate how Mr Azzopardi “lived and continue to lives, savouring each moment”, both the good, ugly and the fabulous, but above all, “every waking moment” that makes the family proud to call him theirs, “regardless of age”.

“As time trod on and we got old enough to not hold each other’s hands, we will forever and unconditionally have each other’s backs,” he said, before adding: “Much love, today and always, happiest of birthdays.”

Mr Azzopardi has worked as CEO at JD Capital for over five months, having built an established career at the helm of a number of companies, both in C-level positions and Directorship ones. His career includes experiences as Group CEO of Express Trailers Ltd, Director at APS Bank, as well as Director at Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd, among others.

Nick Azzopardi / LinkedIn
Corporate ID Group Project Manager Nick Azzopardi / LinkedIn

Mr Azzopardi replied to the post just a few minutes later, saying that he is “speechless and with some tears of joy and pride” rolling in his eyes.

“Proud of you, what you’ve made out of yourself, and of your excellent prose and how you articulate in it your deepest thoughts. Keep it going son,” he added.

Mr Azzopardi [Nick] is Project Manager at Corporate ID Group, and he is also Founder of NIAZZO.COM, which houses a number of high-street fashion and luxury brands.

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Franco Azzopardi (second from left) together with Nick Azzopardi (right) and the rest of the family / LinkedIn


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