Mark Mallia CEO Identity Malta

This week Identity Malta has released its 2021 Annual Report, and in his foreword comments, Identity Malta CEO Mark Mallia speaks of the improvements that the Agency has made in the last years, namely the “digitisation and simplification of its processes, and the recent relocations of some of its departments to new, modern and accessible premises.”

Col Mallia also commented on how the past two years have been a big challenge for Identity Malta, however, despite the difficulties it faced, it continued to persevere and ensure “that its clients’ demands are met to the best of its ability.”

In his comments, Col Mallia refers to the Agency’s three-year strategy, which is aimed at giving Identity Malta the “opportunity to re-invent itself, become more customer-centric, and invest further in its human resources.”

This three-year strategy, in fact, is aimed towards offering more training opportunities to the agency’s members of staff in order to motivate them further and to help them reach client demands in the most efficient and effective way possible. The target is to eliminate as much red tape as possible from certain systems and processes.

“Identity Malta Agency has a lot to be proud of,” Col Mallia stated in his concluding comments, making reference to the agency’s hard work and achievements over the years. “It is now time to look ahead, with the goal of pushing this vibrant Agency to the next level.”

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Mark Mallia / Identity Malta 2021 Annual Report

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