Anything worth having, is worth fighting for, or so the old adage goes. In fact, literature is rife with sayings that exult the importance of hard work when it comes to fulfilling your goals and achieving success. But if you had to break that down, what would it look like? What are the characteristics and values one should nurture, in order to achieve success?

For Robyn Pratt, Life Coach and Managing Director of international hospitality consulting firm Impact Consulting, it all boils down to discipline.

“It’s not going to happen by magic,” she elucidates in her latest vlog, emphasising the need to be disciplined in your approach.

“You need to take action,” she says, breaking it down further to advise the need “to make sure that you’re persistent, consistent and that you’re disciplined in taking actions towards where you want to be.”

And on the path to success, there is no room for excuses. “The next time that you are pointing that finger at a reason why you can’t do something, think about those three, that are pointing back towards you,” she says.

Noting that we can sometimes make excuses for ourselves by failing to see what we’re not doing, she adds, “be honest with yourself – are you disciplined in taking the actions towards achieving success?” concluding with a final call to action: “Really think about being disciplined on what you said you want to do. It’s not up to anyone else, it’s up to you.”


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