Business leaders need to find a new way of working. Here’s why

13 February 2022
by Nathan Farrugia

We need a shift of the same magnitude as the way the world is changing, which is significant.

Why this Maltese Clinical Psychologist thinks you should watch Encanto

12 February 2022
by Dr Angelica Attard

The movie Encanto brings to life what it is like to live with the pressure to ‘be strong’ and ‘be ...

How gritty are you? How to elevate your level of grit

10 February 2022
by Michelle Fenech Seguna

Grit is the difference between the most successful people and those who fall behind.

Remote working, and the freedom it’s offering the team at Switch

5 February 2022
by Richard Muscat Azzopardi

The most important consequence of self-sufficiency is freedom - Epicurus

‘Progress is impossible without change’ – Burmarrad Group Director Mario Gauci Jr

1 February 2022
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The Director, forming part of the second generation of the family business, reveals plans to continue evolving and growing Burmarrad ...

Using GROW to become a coach-like leader

30 January 2022
by Karl Grech

The GROW model is a simple yet effective approach to coaching your team. Learn how to "lead like a coach" ...

4 tips on how to build self-awareness and become a more inspiring and authentic leader

29 January 2022
by Dragan Donkov

Not everyone is born with good self-awareness, but you can work strategically to develop this skill and use it in ...

A look at wasteful over-processing: Protecting the unbreakable?

23 January 2022
by Joseph Micallef

Next in the line-up of articles discussing non-value-adding activities shall be the Lean waste referred to as ‘over-processing’, yet another ...

Malta and diversity: A symbiotic enrichment process

22 January 2022
by Viviana Premazzi

Viviana Premazzi explores why the island is currently experiencing a strong need to promote awareness related to diversity and inclusion ...

How to effectively lead a hybrid working team

20 January 2022
by Sue Gammons

As organisations grapple with the logistics of hybrid working, they need also to consider the impact on leadership.

5 reasons why you need to kick off your Corporate Sustainability Programme right now!

16 January 2022
by Roberta Lepre

In recent months, the concept of Corporate Sustainability has moved from the fringes to the mainstream.

7 ways solopreneurs can create healthy boundaries to avoid burnout

15 January 2022
by Nazlee Mayhew

Our business is an extension of ourselves, and learning how to separate the two is key.

Exploring Co-opetition – could it work for your Maltese business?

9 January 2022
by Martina Bartolo Parnis

What collaborating with your competition could mean and its significance in the age of COVID-19.

There is no such thing as a work-life balance – Here’s why

9 January 2022
by Nicky Gouder

The work-life balance concept has been thrown at us quite regularly, particularly over the last couple of years when we ...

How I seek to embrace a stronger mind (and you can too)

8 January 2022
by Michelle Fenech Seguna

My journey so far in my quest for happiness.

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